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Using drums loop fills in a programmed drum track?


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Hi there.


I'm a few months into Logic after quite a long time on Garageband.


So, I want to record a track and what I usually do for the drums is programme the kick and snare on my midi keyboard, then loop that, (as I often prefer different hi-hat patterns to  what the the generic loops offer, even though I might like the beat) then I add a hi hat pattern from either loops or Drummer (I never attempt to programme hi hats!)


So, all good, I'm happy with a kick and snare sound and have the hi-hats in.


But then I want to add some fills before chorus' etc. I'm not going to tap in drum fills into the MIDI keyboard, but suppose I find a few fills in the Loops midi files...but the drum sounds are different from the sound of kit I'm using....is it possible to import the MIDI info into my drum track so I use the fill from the Loop but using the sound of my kick and snare? (obviously toms wont be a massive issue) but if I have say 4 different fills in my track, I'd obviously want to use the same sounding toms...


Whats the best way to do this, if at all possible? Would it be using the MIDI info from the loop but somehow getting that into my drum track?


Thanks very much for any pointers or help



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There would be several ways for sure, but one would be to import the drum loop (I assume here it is a midi loop) of which you would want to use the fill, onto a new track. It won't load the proper drum kit (or ultrabeat instrument), as it will load the one that is attached to that loop, but so far don't worry about that. Edit the loop to keep only the fill (or whatever part of the loop you want to use, anyway). It's easier to do using its original drum sound as you don't have to deal with potential mapping issues. Then change the instrument of that track to be the same as for the rest of your drums (which sit on another track). If some specific kit element is not properly mapped (e.g. the snare of the loop doesn't trigger the snare of the drum kit once you've changed it to the same as for the rest of your drums), simply remap that element, for that as well there are various ways, the simplest is to select that note in a editor, do select all same pitch, then transpose up or down to the right note value (there are keyboard shortcuts for that).
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