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Drum Machine Designer record issue


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Hey guys, 


So I'm toggle recording a drum pattern in cycle mode over say a few bars with "merge regions" selected. 


I'm jamming along with my drum MIDI pads and have the piano roll with 'drum names' open so I can see whats being recorded.


When the new cycle comes around, and I start recording, the piano roll jumps off drum name view back to normal piano roll for that cycle. 


However when that record cycle finishes, and the region merges with the existing region, it then goes back to the original view with drum names. 


It doesn't behave this way when just using ultrabeat with drum names enabled or drum kit designer. It works as I'm sure is intended. It appears to be something to do with recording through the DMD bus?


This is quite annoying when you want to just build a drum groove and just keep the drum names in view whilst recording in and editing drum hits without this graphical glitch


Can I confirm this might be a bug (or how its meant to be?)


I just want to be able to loop and record in a drum groove and keep the view the same! 


Many thanks,



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