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Bouncing issue


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I am needing assistance with an issue that I am encountering when I bounce tracks. I have a very large 107 track (16gb) project that I am currently working with. I have OS X 10.12 and am using Logic 10.3. My computer is a 13" MacBook Pro 8,1...I7 dual core 2.7ghz 16gb ram and a 1tb Ssd HD. Unfortunately my project no longer bounces correctly and I don't know if it is corrupted or is simply too large for my computer to handle. When I bounce the project some tracks are silent and others sound way off. I have tried to correct these issues numerous times without success. I have visited the Apple Store and spoken with the Apple Care Logic team but they have not been able to help except to suggest that I buy a new computer or split the project into pieces and bounce into a master project.


I am finding that when I split the project into smaller chunks and bounce, the stems are different lengths and do not sequence correctly. All of the sub projects are set at a length of 178 bars and have the same signature settings. Does anyone know why this would happen? Unless I can fix this issue I won't be able to complete the project. I would greatly appreciate any insights as to how I can correct this issue.

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