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I figured out how to mute Midi Crash Cymbals


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I figured out how to mute/choke Midi Crash Cymbals. 

Here is how I did it.

1. Open Logic with a Software instrument with Drum Kit Designer. 

2. Click on Window on top of page and click on Open Midi Environment.

3. Click New in Environment window, scroll down and click Mapped Instrument.

4. A little square will pop up in Environment window that says Mapped Instrument. Click on the little arrow and run a cable to SoCal Kit Channel in same window. A pop up will open saying  "Do you want to remove the channel port setting?" Click Don't Remove. Minimize Environment window, you will need this again for example 6.

5. Go back to your track page and click on plus sign to make another track, then click on External Midi and click Create. Right click this track and reassign this track to Mapped Instrument. It will be found in Mixer after you right click.

6. Go back to Environment Window and click on Mapped Instrument (The Little square with the arrow)

A window will open (Untitled-Mapped Instrument) Its has a bunch of midi notes.

7. Scroll down to output notes E0 and F0 and set velocities to -127 on both. 

8. Click Window top of Logic page, Scroll down and click Show Keyboard.

If you click on A2 note on Keyboard, then click F0 it will mute that cymbal and if you click C#2, then click E0 it will mute that Cymbal.


If you want easier access to mute cymbals.

Go back to the (Untitled - Mapped Instrument) window with all the midi notes. Scroll down to Crash 2.

Above Crash 2 is Vibra change output to F0 and above Crash1 is high tom1 change the output to E0. 


Then go to file and Save as Template.


You can set this up with an electronic drum kit. Thats how I have mine set up. You can change the output notes to whatever you want, just make sure you save it as a template or you loose it.


I hope this helps anyone trying to mute/choke crash cymbals.

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I will try it on my entry level Roland V-Drum kit. I remember trying to find the answer to this when I first got the kit a few months ago , from memory Roland use a Control Change for choke so I might have to use a transfomer. What kind a kit do have?


Many thanks for posting.

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I have a 2Box module with a DIY drum kit with Roland Cymbals. I don't think the module you have matters though. Cause you can mute the cymbals with the internal keyboard as well. It's just a matter of assigning the notes of your module to the notes in Logic. Logic has a v-drum setting in the midi environment, which is really nice. So you should be able to plug and play for the most part.
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Is that not what the 'stop' controls are on the scripter then?  Or do they signify something else?


I use SSD with my V Drums, and the chokes are controlled via SysEx so i'm not 100% how drum designer worked, but always presumed the stop commands were the mutes/chokes.

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I have my electric drums midi into Drum Kit Designer and I was wanting to be able to grab the cymbal to mute crash. I search the forum and other sites and it seemed like no one had an answer. I could go in an manually mute cymbals. I have it where I can play my drums and mute cymbals as I play.
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