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Help PLEASE!! Logic get out of sync


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I simply can't understand why this happens. I make a song in logic--maybe five tracks. 


When I bounce it down to an mp3, invariably now one of the track is out of sync. Sometimes drums, sometimes vocal, sometimes bass or guitar: But one of the tracks will be delayed by a good bit. It's completely strange, because when I play the song in logic, everything is fine.  It use to happen rarely--I posted about it years ago. But since the latest update, it happens every single time.


The only way to deal with it is to bounce over single track, one at a time, to individual aiff files, then open a new project, import each file, and manually line them up. Then I can bounce project down to an mp3.


Can someone lease tell me why this is gong on? It's driving me nuts, and I can't think of any possible explanation. It happens every time, and it happens on different tracks--sometimes on an ez drummer track, sometimes on a Logic drummer track, sometimes on an audio track


Below is an example in a quick demo song I did. It's terrible. Bu you can hear that the vocals come in late, when they should come in with the guitar at 12 seconds




and then here is what the project looks like in Logic--you can see where the vocal SHOULD be coming in









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Any particular reason you're using automation instead of trimming the vocal region?

No, just laziness. But just now I did a new vocal--deleted the old vocal track altogether, made a new audio track, recorded the vocal, and bounced it down--no automation at all.

The vocal once again was about three beats behind where it should be. I'm completely at a loss to explain this, but it's sure infuriating


Edit: I just recalled--I'm using automation instead of trimming so I can see what happens when I reimport the file. And what happens is logic has inserted @ three beats of.....???? so the vocal starts late. I have to trim the track and than manually line it up

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Wow. That's crazy.

Try creating an empty track an select it before bouncing. Will that help?

Thank you, I'll try that. But why should that make a difference?

I wonder if maybe it has something to do with the tempo information in each track?

yesterday it happened again--I took an old project, recorded a new vocal, and when I bounced it down to the vocal was out of sync. When I reimported all the files into a new project, logic had inserted three beats worth of space in the front of the track, and the vocal started late.

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What are the 3  plugins you have on the stereo out?

Did you try bypassing them and bounce the project?


I'm suspecting your troubles might be coming from a 3rd party plugin.

I just tried bouncing it down with no plugins on the master track--same problem. I have 3rd party plugins on the vocal track, but they are very common, widely used plugins.

I just tried bouncing it down with no plugins on the vocal track--this time it seems to have come out right, and after some experimenting I think it may be DMG Audio's Equilibrium that's casing the problem--I'll do some further tests 

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Could be an error in how it is reporting latency to Logic when rendering offline.

Does it work when bouncing in Realtime?

In the past when I've had this problem I've noticed no difference between realtime and offline bouncing.

I've written to DMG and in my experience they are very responsive

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