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EXS24 no longer loads sampler+instruments from external drive

Blue Breakfast

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Hi, I don't know if anyone else is having this problem - I keep my "custom" sampler instruments on an external drive, from where I have always been able to access them - until now (logic 10.3.1, 15" Retina Powerbook, OS Sierra 10.12.3). My songs load from the same external drive with no problems. 


Here's what happens:

I open EXS24 and go to "edit instrument - OPEN". I select the drive, folder, etc. and see the instrument I want. After clicking it, I see it - with all its samples. But all I hear is a sine wave and when I close and reopen the edit window the sample page is blank. The instrument I've chosen doesn't appear on the list. I can see it at the bottom under "external" so it should be in the memory but when I click on that nothing happens.


When making instruments I save them and also export them to the drive. Previously this worked fine.


Any thoughts, anyone?

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Two things I'd clarify:


1. When you create new Instruments / Add new Libraries, do you place the .exs files into the following folder:

Users / [uerrname]/ Music / Audio Music Apps / Sampler Instruments ? I believe you too could place them in MacHD/Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments -- the old way


2. Do you have Spotlight Enabled and is the External Drive Indexed in order to find the samples? They can generally be anywhere, though I might include an alias or symbolic link to the relocated EXS Factory Samples (where I house those included with Logic, my own, and Third Party Libraries.) However, I have separate Music Drives for Loops/Clips and often the likes of Loopmasters includes EXS Instruments. Since all my Drives are indexed, Logic knows where to find the samples even though they are not in the previously mentioned Folder.


If you follow these two steps, you shouldn't have any problems loading EXS Instruments.

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Humungous grovelling apologies for getting back to you sooooo late - I indexed my drive, nada. But when I made an alias (of my custom samples and instruments) at the address you suggested it worked like a charm. Thank you thank you thank you. I only find it a little strange I never needed to do that before ...
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