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How to create an array to turn off non-scale notes?


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Hey all!


I'm trying to figure out how to script a way to elegantly turn off notes that aren't in a scale.  I've used the transposer plug set to a scale, but that still sends midi info for notes that are out of the scale, so for C major if I hit an F# it will send a G, etc. I'd like to have it send nothing for F# or any non-scale notes. I've used Unheardofski's excellent remap ninja, but I'd love to be able to just select "C major" instead of individually selecting each note from C-2 to C8, so I'm a wondering how to set up an array to silence the non-scale notes?


I've read through the effects manual and API, but not really being a scripter and not knowing javascript I couldn't really get it sorted.





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