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Best Practices for Splicing Audio File


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Happy Monday Everyone,


I must admit I'm rather novice with Logic...Last night I worked on a vocal session with a friend. He requested that I take an earlier section of the recorded audio file and re-use it later in the same audio file (to replace some flat notes, rather than punch-in or re-record). Unsure how to properly execute the task, I used the marquee tool and dragged the desired section over the target section. I continued by adding a crossfade between the new splits and glued the files back together. I assumed Logic would automatically use the top-most 'layer' of audio and ignore whatever was previously recorded (underneath). Is this a valid/functional approach to splicing audio from the same file? Perhaps I should cut the problem section rather than paste over? Any insight, suggested best practices, or links to tutorials would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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