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Parallel compression and reverb

Storytime Symphony

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Hi guys,


I'm a bit confused about the technical details here (I'm relatively new to mixing and mastering thingies), but I've recently learned about parallel compression of percussion. I'm now applying this on a simple drum track as a test. But how does this work for reverb? I'm currently bussing 0.0 of my drums to an AUX track, which contains heavy compression. I've now tuned the volume of this AUX track to get the sound that I like, but I don't have any reverb yet. 


I usually also use busses for reverb (since I always have a lot of layers). So... what am I supossed to send to reverb now... I guess the mixed effect of both.. the track and the AUX track, but I don't really know how to do that.


Thanks in advance!

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Send whatever you want to the Reverb


Try just the dry drums, just the wet drums, or both. You could also experiment by putting heavy compression on the reverb too, adding to the "smashed" sound.


It really depends on what you're trying to achieve, but my best advice would be to just experiment.


Regarding how to do it, just create another AUX with your reverb on it, then send a bus from either the dry or wet drums to that AUX.


Hope this helps!

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