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Logic Pro X crashes when saving


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Hi, I'm sure this is a common issue, but Logic is crashing when saving and it is completely random:


It is almost guaranteed to crash when using "Save as.."

It regularly crashes when using "Save"

It sometimes doesn't crash on either.


The only consistent thing I have noticed is that it crashes more frequently with larger projects - 100+ tracks.


Some system info:


Mac Pro - 12 core - 128gb ram 

Sierra 10.12.1

Logic Pro X 10.3.1


External SSD RAID 3TB for system and project files. Hard drive info:

JMicron H/W RAID5 Media

Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

2 TB in use - 1TB spare


Any ideas? I'm wondering if it is some kind of plist issue? Its driving me absolutely nuts!

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