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Apple Mighty Mouse

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I suspect that "the mouse is in the eye of the beholder."   :)


Personally, I use a Microsoft  :o two-button wired optical mouse with scroll-wheel (the wheel also acts as a third button).  It costs about twenty bucks.  (I am brand-specific to "Microsoft" in this case, although I don't know who actually makes the thing.)


Yes, in spite of Apple's persistence in selling their gear with one-button mice, just as they did in the earliest days, their operating system and their software – including Logic – is fully aware of three-button mouse and scroll-wheel conventions and will respect them if you have one.  (It will even let you decide in which direction the scroll-wheel moves things.)  Just find a mouse that works well in your hand, and know that your Mac will undoubtedly be able to support it.

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Well the wired Mighty Mouse is actually a 3 button mouse with support for both virticak and horizontal scrolling.


Unfortunately in losing the scroll-ball you lose one button, but the plus side is the scroll ball doesn't clog up with dust forcing you to get a replacement.


Just the fact that the Mighty Mouse does horizontal scrolling makes it a great companion working with timeline based apps. I think it's awesome.


Just because you can't see the buttons, doesn't mean they aren't there. You can configure the mouse behaviour in the System Preferences.


Tip: To Right-Click lift up the left finger. If you have two fingers on the mouse the OS interprets it as a left-click. I'm pretty sure this is for old people and people with a disability so that they too can use computers.

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