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Audio to MIDI for Guitar Notation

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I've recorded several audio tracks (guitar) In logic X with plenty of chord sequencing & lead solo components,  logic has the ability to convert audio to MIDI (using flexpitch). I now would like to export this file and import into guitar pro 6 for guitar notation? for both polyphony (6 string) and monophonic (single string for solos).

I know I can purchase an audio to MIDI converter, (Hardware - £50 from amazon)  plug my electric guitar straight into my mac and use the accompanied software for notation and by-pass logic completely, however I have both logic pro X and guitar pro 6 software,  I would like to think they are compatible in both directions, i.e. MIDI - audio, Audio - MIDI

I also know that logic has its own notation engine, in which I have never used.....What do other musicians do? please advise

Any help is most appreciated, thanks


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Melodyne has a polyphonic audio to midi detector..  Check to see if they have a demo version (usually work for a few weeks)..  I'm not really up on the latest in pitch to midi..  Depending on how you play, (direct concise notes, no overhang etc, monophonic are the best.) work best..  


My experience is single monophonic lines work best..  Notes with harmonics, transients can trick the software..  Last I checked polyphonic midi detection still needed more refinement,.  BUT i have not kept op on latest developments.. 


Sites like KVR has an extensive forum board.. A lot of manufactures and software developers there.  Check it out. 


I don't know about your 50 Euro plug..  Sounds too cheap to do a good job.. Did you look into MIDI guitar controllers. They would do the trick..  Might not have the sound you're looking for..  I don't know about prices of them (not a guitar player).   


all Scoring programs require time and patience to learn..  Logic's is fairly decent, but not real intuitive to learn.. 


I'd check more guitar sites, and see if you can find guitarists with the same interest as you.. Judging from lack of response here, I would assume few have the same interest path as you..  Good luck in your search..  

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MIDI Guitar 2 by Jam Origin is a hundred dollar software solution which I am really happy with. It does lots of cool stuff and it's a powerful plugin on many levels. Best feature? Super low latency. I use an electric classical guitar to drive it, and for all you'd know, I'm playing a Fender Mustang, or some crazy synth.
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