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Symbolic link Logic content issue


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I have an external (via USB) disk where Logic content (banks, sounds Logic downloads upon installation).

I created a symbolic link for that Logic content folder, renamed it to just Logic and replaced the one on my main disk inside the latpop (home disk -> library->application support->Logic).

Also, upon each boot up Logic wants to go download Essential content.


I know this worked in past for me, but now Logic won't see the content, if I check at Download additional content, seems like nothing has downloaded.


I got two SSDs inside a laptop now and I want them to share the content from an external disk, as I don't use that content very often.


How exactly to make this work and I have gone wrong? Thank you.

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Just off the top of my head here — but maybe if you're using the same symlinks from that old drive, they're not pointing to the correct location anymore? Perhaps try navigating to where the content resides, recreating those symlinks in that Finder window, then dragging them out to where you need them to be now. 


Could also be something weird like the user account for your Mac not having permission to access that disk where the content resides. Did you encrypt that disk recently? 


Hope you get it figured out.

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