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Get midi songs from old Roland MV30 hardware sequencer in to logic?


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Hi, I'm using Logic Pro X and I've connected my old Roland MV30 sequencer to my Saffire pro 24 audio interface via midi. Both in and out. What I want to do is transfer the songs over so I can play them as midi in Logic Pro and alter the midi, use better sounds etc. I've set up external midi tracks in Logic but I can't seem to get it to either record in or transfer.

I remember nearly 30 years ago there was something called system exclusive and bulk dump.

Any ideas?

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No, you can't use system exclusive for this.


I can't remember if the MV30 will write MIDI files to disk - if it does, do that, and find a computer with a floppy disk drive (or buy a USB one) and use that to load the files - Logic will read the MIDI files and you can reassign the channels etc as you want.


Failing that, then you'll need to "record" the data in, so firstly, set up MIDI sync (likely, Logic as the master, and the MV30 as the slave), and then record the data into Logic.


Exactly the best way will depend on the data - you might record it all to one track and then separate by MIDI channel, or you could set up a multi-channel record in Logic and record each channel to it's own track. You may want to do it track by track, or all at once, or some combination - it really depends on your choices for the material you need to transfer.


All that's happening is the MV30 is playing out the data you want, and Logic is capturing it...

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