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play multiple instruments at the same time with just ONE midi controller


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Hi, kinda newbie here!

i got a midi controller (AKAI MPK Mini MkII) and i was wondering if it's possibile to play simultaneously multiple instruments with the same controller. 

Let's say for instance i want to assign a synth to the controller keyboard, and a drum machine to the controller pads, so i can play both at the same time, is it possible? tnx

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It should be possible but it may be complex to do it. Assuming your controller pads can be programed to send notes outside the range that your are playing on the synth do so then environment filter/process those notes to a different MIDI channel. I haven't actually checked as my eyesight/monitor's are such that I cannot easily use the MIDI environment in logic X.
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Okay i separated midi channels for keyboard (ch. 1) and pads (ch. 2) in my controller editor




then i assigned different midi channels on LPX for each instrument. synth -> ch. 1, drum machine -> ch. 2





but no matter what i play (key or pad) i keep listening both instruments playing togheter. 

i mean if i play a pad i expect to hear only the drum machine but i also hear the synth sound. what i am missing?



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