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Split Bounce in Logic X giving me 2 L files and 2 R files


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My friend has been recording an album in logic X and he's having an unusual problem. He has recorded each instrument using only one track - each guitar has one track, etc. however, he has applied stereo reverb to each instrument. In order to export the mono tracks with the stereo effects, he needs to solo each instrument separately and bounce the track to a stereo wav file. He has selected a region, selected solo on one instrument and bounced the track to a stereo wav file. He selected split instead of interleaved as he is sending these tracks to a producer who will be mixing the project in pro tools.


However, once logic is done bouncing the track, he sees two files for the left channel and two files for the right channel. Four files in all for one mono instrument channel bounce! All four of these files have the stereo effects on them. The two L files and the two R files are not identical either. All 4 files sound slightly different. It almost seems like he would need all 4 files combined to get what he had on the one mono channe with stereo effects.


Any idea on what he's doing wrong here? I can't find a single example online of someone bouncing a soloed mono track and getting 4 files as a result.

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