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Scripter expert needed!


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Hey guys,


I don't know how many of you own LFO Tool but it's a great plugin that I would like to use to modulate knobs, faders, etc...

The problem is that it only transmits CC info when used as MIDIFx so the instrument is not assuming that as usable info, because when I export the CC info to the Step Editor it shows as Control instead of Fader.


Is there a way to create a script that is placed after the LFOTool, receives the CC info and converts it to "Fader" info (whatever that info is called)?


Hope it makes sense...



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You can use the Modifier MIDI FX.


  1. Set its MIDI Input to the same CC that LFO Tool is sending.
  2. Choose 'Learn Plug-In Parameter' in the 'Re-Assign To' menu and wiggle the parameter on the plug-in you want to control.

You, sir, are a GOD! That's exactly what I wanted to do for a long time!!! If I loved Logic, the more I work with it the more I can say it's the best daw out there and no one can convince me it's not!

Thank you so much, man!!!

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You're most certainly welcome Tiago!

Oh I see you remember my real name :P

It definitely opened a whole new door for me and I'm gonna be posting a new topic for this, because I'm sure a lot of LFOTool users will be happy to know there's a way to do it 

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