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Logic 9 - How do I Create a Backing Track with Click and export for use with an iPad


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Hi Everyone

I have Logic Pro 9 running on my MacBook.


I need to create a backing track that has the music/instruments on the right channel and the click on the left channel and I need to export these to be able to control the backing tracks from an iPad.


The music/instruments will go to the FOH and the left channel will go to the drummer.


I'm a bit confused after reading and viewing different articles/videos that seem to go so far but don't complete the whole picture and have left me with a raft of questions and not many answers :-( 


For example:

Do I bounce the tracks? 

If I bounce them do I get one or two? 

If I get two, what do I need to do to control from them from my iPad? 

If they bounce as one track, will they split at the mixer/pa desk to left channel click and right channel music?


As you can maybe tell, I'm finding it all a bit confusing and really need some help and guidance please.


So, everyone - How do I do this please??


Many Thanks in advance for your help



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Just pan all the channel strips but the click to the right, and the click to the left. Bounce as a stereo file. 


You then need to figure out a way to split those upon playback. I used to have a fairly complex routing where I'd send a mix of the click and music to the drummer, but only the music to FOH. Or you can send only the click to the drummer, which simplifies things. It's only a  matter of using only the Left or Right channel, or a mix of both, out of the audio coming out of your iPad. 

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