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I recorded a mono signal to a stereo audio channel and now the top half of the waveform is there, but another (left/down) is missing. How can I copy the wave from right to left, so I could have both sides? This problem doesn't affect stereo sound of my audio, but I think volume should be higher

if I have a waveform on both sides.


Thank you in forward, I hope my problem is clear. 

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Thank you for your answer, but the problem is not solved. When I do this the program says: No input source selected. 

Is there any other solution or I should make recordings all the way from the begging? :(

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Better solution than one that works?  hmm.


1. Make a Sausage Sandwich

2. Make a Coffee

3. Click hold on the Stereo button in the channel strip. 

4. Choose the side that contains the signal.

5. Eat Sausage Sandwich

6. Drink Coffee


That help?  :)


Edit: I'm hungry now haha.

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I am always hungry, so this sounds like great proposal. :)

But could you, please, try to be more precise? I didn't use Logic for a while, I forgot almost everything! Where can I find this Stereo button? I found some H, but following your steps (at the least the way I think these are), I don't succeed. :(

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Well, really, if you're recording a mono source you should set the track to be a single input, instead of dual/stereo - that would be the best fix in future.  i.e. instead of Input 1+2, just select Input 1 so your track is ready to go as Mono - That will put a single Left/Right input down the middle as a mono track.


There's some apple documentation here which will help you:-




Remember to HOLD the mouse button for the additional options to appear, Just as Eric suggested above.


As you've already got recorded regions, you will need to use the Left/Right options - If you record mono again and set the track to Mono and choose the correct input, then you just leave it at Mono.  If that makes sense. :)


If it works for you, i think you deserve that food, maybe add some Mushrooms in there. ;)

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