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Changing the BPM without changing the speed of my audio?


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Okay. I am about to go BALLISTIC.

I am using the most updated version of Garageband. I just downloaded it today and started using it today.

I have recorded music and edited it and all that good stuff.

I then wanted to add a drum track.

Turns out, it's set to a whole different BPM than the one I'm playing at.

Changing the BPM at the top of the screen also changes THE SPEED OF MY MUSIC. In other words, I need to get it down to about 82 BPM, but every time, no matter what I do, it makes my music go slo-mo. I don't want to start this thing over, I really don't. I've read it has something to do with flex? I'm not really sure.

Can someone give me a clear answer? Please remember I have NEVER used this program before today, so act like I'm an idiot and spell everything out for me.

Please, I'm at my wit's end.

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