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New iMac, Fusion Drive, and Flash Storage


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Hi all. Nice forum you have, and I appreciate being here.


Due to a lot of frustrating technical issues with PC's and other DAW software, I suggested a music friend convert to Apple, an iMac, and Logic Pro X. He did, and he has been happy as a lark ever since. NO technical issues, no glitches, no compatibility issues, and he's happier now than I've ever seen him with a DAW.


So now, I'm thinking about getting a new iMac, and if I do I want a lot of upgrades. The one I am thinking about is the new iMac 27 inch, 5K Retina display, i7, 32 gb, and a 4.0 - 4.2 ghz turbo boost. And even though I want to use Logic Pro X more and more, I still want to be able to use my Pro Tools 10 and 11.


I went to one of the Pro Tools forums (they called the machine I listed above a "lower end machine.") and my simple questions triggered a lot of bantering and techie-babble that sparked more heat than light. After several days of this, the best I got was that I should avoid the Fusion Drive TOTALLY, and that I should get the biggest (1 TB) Flash Storage that I could. This puts the price around $3,800, which is a good bit more than I wanted to spend.


Since PT is less and less of a priority and Logic Pro X is becoming more and more of a priority, I wanted to come to this Apple and Logic forum and get it from the people who use this all the time, and also those who know something about Pro Tools and iMacs. I am currently running Logic Pro X just fine with an older MBP and a 32 inch monitor, but it's time for an upgrade. The new 5K Retina display is almost enough in itself to get the upgrade. It's a gorgeous screen, and Logic looks fabulous on it.


So, please explain to me, as simply and as concisely as possible, what do I need if I want to run Logic and Pro Tools? The 1 TB of Flash Storage? Or is the Fusion vs Flash strictly a Pro Tools compatibility issue? If I decide to not worry with PT any longer, will the new iMac run it without an upgrade with Fusion or Flash Storage? And is $3,8-00 about what a new 27 inch iMac costs with the necessary upgrades? Or am I over-doing it? The only other thing of note I will be running will be the Adobe products.


Thanks, and I look forward to your replies. Thanks in advance.


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Skip the Fusion and get a Flash drive. 

I have the 512GB Flash on mine. 

With my plug ins, Logic, Sibelius, Finale, Waves, my graphics programs, my office suite, rando music programs, and other things (no games, I have a console for that) I've only used 131.51 GB of space. 

I have my Logic sample/loop library on the flash drive, and all my sample libraries on a 4TB external Thunderbolt 2 drive, and I have an external 2TB USB3 drive for my Logic projects, and all other assets (graphic files, video files, documents, et. al.) 

You'll see in my sig below the rest of the specs of my iMac. 

Let me tell you, 10 seconds from hitting the On button to my Desktop is a freaking miracle of nature.

Through the magic of Thunderbolt, my samples load so fast I can feel the breeze on my face as they fly off the hard disk into memory. 

OK, enough hyperbole, I love my iMac so much, I can concentrate on creating, and not being a technician.

I hope this perspective helps a bit.


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