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My never-ending homage to Black Sabbath...


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So... what was supposed to be a 12 minute medley consisting of a my fave Black Sabbath riffs, ended up being 38 minutes instead. It was never ending, discovering another riff, then another+++ I ended up with 3 medleys in "the end", thought I`d share Part 1 with you folks....  :)



I chose to focus on the classic Ozzy albums for now, but I`m sure I`ll revisit Sabbath at some point later for some Ronnie James Dio/Tony Martin era covers ( 2 -3 medleys more?, bah gawd! )


Besides using my trusty Gibson Flying V, GoPro, Axe-Fx 2,+++ I used this very pick I got from Tony Iommi at a Sabbath gig in Oslo `98... which I guess is a bit kewl  8-)



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Here it is, the full medley consisting of 32 songs! Was a TON of work recording/filming all of this stuff, took aprox 4 months to complete. I`m pretty happy with the result, hope anybody out there can get any enjoyment out of this one too (even though its 38 minutes long!)  :)


- Into The Void - Part 1

- Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

- Children Of The Grave

- Back Street Kids

- Dirty Women

- A National Acrobat

- Electric Funeral

- Symptom Of The Universe

- Snowblind

- Into The Void - Part 2

- Embryo

- Under The Sun - Part 1

- Lord Of This World

- Fairies Wear Boots

- Hole In The Sky

- Megalomania

- Over To You/Swinging The Chain/Hard Road

- Evil Woman*

- N.I.B

- Paranoid

- Under The Sun - Part 2

- Spiral Architect - Intro

- Black Sabbath - Part 1

- After Forever

- Spiral Architect

- Psycho Man

- Supernaut

- Dear Father/God Is Dead?

- Sweet Leaf

- War Pigs

- Iron Man

- Black Sabbath - Part 2

- Air Dance


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