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Files are bouncing at MUCH higher volume...


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Hi, never ran into this problem before. I am soloing guitar tracks for stem bouncing. The bounced files, though, are all much louder & therefore clipping. Volume set at zero & does not come anywhere near clipping during Logic playback. No busses on the tracks & files are already louder upon bouncing,  before re-importing into the session. Have tried aiff, wav, & mp3 with the same result.


Can anyone help me solve this mystery

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Normalize is set to "off" in the bounce pop-up window. Is there somewhere else that I have to turn off normalize?


How are you comparing the volume of the Logic file and the bounced file exactly? How are you playing back the bounced file? The best would be to playback the bounced file:

  1. in a new empty project in Logic
  2. through the same audio interface
  3. through the same speakers

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