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10.3.1: Time and Pitch Machine -- wild behavior in BPM field


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After I updating to 10.3.1, things were fine in Pitch and Time Machine, and a week later, I faced a bug for several days that rendered it useless. No matter what I entered in the output tempo (or transpose destination), the plugin would substitute it with 300 and something BPM! I had to use 3rd party software to do a Time(with Pitch) change.


Random as it came, the bug left. I've been using this part of Logic without a hitch now for weeks. And BOOM! It's back. This time, a file with source tempo of 70bpm will jump to 280bpm no matter what I enter. I am trying to do a very minimal time stretch, mostly just pitch it up by 4 semitones and use Time Stretch to ensure a rounded BPM number. But no way to do it in here until this bug decides to "leave" again.


Anyone familiar with this wierdness? Last time it persisted over numerous days, restarts, and across all sessions (including ones that works just days prior). No idea what makes it come or go.

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