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Rephrased: Logic 9 won’t slave to ADAT XT.

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Hi all,


I'm trying to transfer 16 track ADAT recordings to Logic 9 using a single ADAT XT, but I haven't gotten it to work.


All three units (ADAT XT, Saffire Pro 40 interface and Logic 9) are connecting correctly and the source signal moves from the ADAT to Logic perfectly. Despite all this, Logic does not slave to ADAT XT. Any thoughts on what I am missing?


I’m assuming the ADAT XT can generate sync info through the optical lightpipe connections, yes? If that’s not the case, I have access to a MOTU 828MKII which has a dedicated 9-pin ADAT sync cable connector. Is this what I need to get Logic to sync to the ADAT XT? Or will I just have the same issue?)


Here's my setup:



Connected to Pro 40 using both ADAT optical connections

Sample Rate set to 48K


Saffire Pro 40 interface:

Sample Rate set to 48K

Sync Source set to ADAT

Sync Status reads “locked"


Logic 9:

Sample Rate set to 48K

Sync Mode set to MTC (with “auto enable external sync” checked)

Frame Rate set to 29.7 (with “auto detect format of MTC” checked)

Audio/Audio Sync Mode/Core Audio set to “MTC continuous”

MIDI/MMC Control set to “Listen to MCC Input”

Core Audio “enabled”

Input Device set to “Saffire”


(Note: As configured above, the ADAT XT display reads "LOCKED". This suggests to me that it's acting as a slave and not a master, which could be the problem; but, if that’s correct, I don’t know a way to force the ADAT XT to be a slave in this set up. Is there a setting for this?)


Thanks for any help.



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