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Ableton + Logic, Rewire Newbie?

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Unlike almost all of you I am not a pro, so forgive the newbie questions and/or perhaps bizarre ideas. First, I want to learn more about Rewire, so any good sources appreciated.


Here is one thing I would like to do, but I have no idea if Rewire is the answer. In Ableton I have some guitar tracks that use amp plugins (S-Gear, Guitar Rig...) plus some Ableton effects that I really like. However, I would like to play/record in Logic. Is there some way I can "link" Logic to those tracks in Ableton to get those sounds in/from Logic?

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Okay, be careful what you ask for. This kid had the answer on routing audio from Logic to Ableton


It requires using SoundFlower. Problem is, after setting Logic's output to Soundflower and routing my guitar track via Soundflower to Ableton, I can't hear my other Logic tracks. Perhaps a multi-output device would do it? If not, then route them all to Ableton? No way!!! Life is too short and no plugin is quite worth this, but I may tinker some more.


Rewire with Logic as Master and Ableton as Slave for midi stuff on the other hand is pretty simple and fun. 


If you don't want to watch the video here is what you do:


Set Logic audio output to Soundflower 64, output remains the same (but be careful it will switch both).

Set your tracks output to one of SoundFlowers 64 channels, say 3/4

In Ableton go to prefs. Set input to Soundflower 64. Also enable any SoundFlower channels you will be using. Again say just 3/4

In your Ableton audio track, set input to track 3/4. Add a plug in, EQ... whatever and there you go.

EXCEPT any other tracks in Logic go off into the ether

Oh latency was massive, so I had to set Ableton's buffer from 516 to 128.

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