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How to Mute 1 midi track while recording multiple takes?


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I'm recording multiple midi takes for a drum section.

I've selected "Cycle On" "create tracks" and replace< "region".


I'd like to be able to hear one take/track at a time so i can decide which to use, but when i mute one, they all mute.

when the cycle repeats itself i'm forced to listen to takes that i want to keep, but don't want to hear....



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what i'm saying is, when i mute a single track, ALL the others automatically mute or solo as well.  i'm taking a Lynda tuturial and following it step-by-step.  i've re-booted.  nothing is changing.


another thing that's happening, is that i selected 'african voices' and it's playing through my headphones as 'african voices' as i play my keyboard, but when i play it back, it plays as a single 'thud' on a kick drum.



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