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Exclusive-OR XOR soloing in Logic like Pro Tools


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I have to do some A/B comparisons on stereo micing of an acoustic guitar. I have a stereo pair of mics (recorded to a stereo track) and an alternate mic on the treble side of the guitar. I need to A/B between the stereo pair (one stereo track in Logic) and just the right channel of the stereo track with the alternate mic (2 mono tracks). 


I already set then to two groups and made sure to include the "solo" option. I can use OPT+Click and get either the stereo track or one of the two other tracks. But I can't figure out how to get the "Group" function to work with OPT+Click. If I just hit the solo button on one of the two mono tracks both do solo. If I go to the stereo track and hit OPT+Solo I get get just that track - but then i can't get back.


Maybe another way of asking is - is there an easy way to solo between one group of tracks and another during playback?


Any help much appreciated!

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