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MP3 / VLC / Playback


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Hi everyone!


This is a strange one and is of real concern to me.  It's regarding mp3s and distortion.   If I bounce a track from Logic to an MP3 and play with VLC I have no issues.  If I bounce out AIFF or WAV and use a converter app like XLD or Mediahuman to convert to MP3 and then play with VLC I get some popping, distorted clicking sounds.  Even more odd, is if I play the mp3 that was converter by a 3rd party app using preview / space bar it seems to play fine.  I had this issue before so I completely formatted and reinstalled OSX and Logic but that hasn't made a difference.  I'm concerned because I want to know there is no issues with the MP3s before I send them out to clients.


If anyone has any help to offer and I would be eternally grateful!!!


Thank you!


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