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Audio Samples vs. MIDI Data


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Hello. So I've been producing in Logic Pro X for over a couple years now and when it comes to programming drums I always go to Ultrabeat and load my samples into the sample slot. I have my MIDI connected and so I would press record and play my samples in (ex. snares, kicks, hi hats, etc.). I've noticed a few producers actually skipping Ultrabeat all together and dragging the audio sample directly into the main window. I've experimented with this technique and have noticed that the overall sound of the sample is clearer and it seems to be the "true" sound of the sample if that makes sense. Whenever I would load a sound into Ultrabeat the beat somehow lost something. Not sure if this is a "correct" way to do it. Just hoping somebody could tell me which way is better in terms of getting the highest quality sound: Dragging in the audio files or playing the samples via MIDI through Ultrabeat. Thank you guys and God bless.
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