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Pitch Shift Audio Regions


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So I've been looking for a way to pitch shift audio regions in a track where I've cut a bunch of vocals from an acapella. It's a soulful vocal and I'm looking to shift certain regions an octave lower to get this effect (not the whole vocal though, just little words and phrases): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOMrHPro0Ss


However, the pitch shifter plugin adds loads of latency to my tracks, and I haven't found a way of fixing that yet, making it impossible to use.


Flex pitch hasn't worked either, it just screws with other regions in the track and doesn't transpose the whole section.


Is there not a "transpose region" feature I can use to do this? Any help would be great.



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pitch shifter adds latency but logic should compensate for it.


In Preferences> Audio, General TAB

you have "latency compensation" and needs to be set to "All".


If you want to disable flex pitch for other regions, just use the checkbox in region inspector.

You can also shift (and for this effect you should) formants in flex pitch.


on top of that, you have "process in place" since logic 10.3, which means you can use any plugin chain destructively on a part of a file (you can pitch just a little piece of it)


you can also create a new audiofile from the small clip and use time and pitch maschine in sample editor, or an external audio editor to pitch it.


Plenty of completely fine ways to go about it.

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To see a "Transpose" parameter in the Region inspector when an audio region is selected, you need to record the audio in that session. If the audio was recorded in another session, then import the audio into your Logic session, set the output of the channel strip to a bus, create a new track with that bus as an input, and re-record the audio into your session.


Then select "Follow Tempo" in the Region inspector. You'll see the Transpose parameter appear:



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