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Re-Assigning the Main Stereo Inputs of Existing Midi Keyboard in Logic Pro 9 Template


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Hi LPH Users, 


I sure could use an answer to what should be straightforward issue. I have 3 keyboards (Kurzweil PC1x, Roland JV-1010, and Juno Stage ) plugged into the rear analog inputs of my new RME UFX interface as follows:  Kurzweil > Analog 1-2 ----  JV 1010 > Analog 3-4 ---- Juno Stage > Analog 5-6.  The RME UFX has four (4) microphone inputs listed as channels (thus, inputs) 9, 10, 11 and 12. 


I have a very important and detailed Logic songwriting template that I use for all composing and recording that was set up for me by a Logic technician some years ago when I first bought a MOTU 828Mk3 and all keyboards were configured for that interface, which had two (2) microphone inputs that were listed as channels/inputs 1 and 2 respectively.


The problem is when using the new RME UFX there are issues when working with microphone inputs 9 and 10. Both microphone inputs behave strangely (signal will only be on left side for input 9 and right side for signal 10, and then there are issues of monitoring through the Software Playback row of TotalMix FX software, which causes a "doubling" sound. 


I was on the phone with the super helpful RME folks who were looking at my screen remotely and they noticed that when using with Inputs 9 or 10 there was slight signal also appearing in the meters within Logic on the Juno Stage main instrument channel. 


When we looked more closely at it, we noticed that Juno Stage stereo Input channels within Logic were set to Input 9-10. (Incidentally, the Kurzweil is set in Logic to Input 3-4 and the JV01010 is set in Logic to 7-8.  There is nothing set to Logic's input channels 5-6. 


NOTE: I've attached a screen shot below.


RME suggested that the problem is likely connected to the fact that the Juno Stage is set in Logic internally to Input 9-10, which is the same as the RME UFX's first two (2) microphone inputs (9 & 10). But we couldn't figure out how to change Logic's main stereo input channel for the Juno Stage to Input 5-6 to see if that's what's causing the problem. 


I think I remember that the MOTU Mk3 had an odd channel assignment system which is maybe why the person who set this up for me set the Logic inputs for the Kurzweil as 3-4. the JV 1010 as 7-8, and the Juno Stage as 9-10, but with nothing on inputs 5-6.


So, if someone can let me know how to change the main stereo Input assignment for an existing external keyboard using the picture I attached below as a reference that would really be appreciated.



Logic & RME Ext Keyboard Issue.pdf

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wow, input channel strips. That's something I haven't seen... Ever. (I'm not kidding, i didn't even know they existed. Likely RME didn't either. It's not very common to see them around)


In mixer, go to "edit" and create a new AUX channel strip. On that channel strip, you can set the input to whatever you want. Your setup seems a tad on the "convoluted" side.


That's a more manoeuvrable  way to handle inputs in logic. 

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