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Independent Control of Separate Drum Instrument Channels


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I just started using the native Logic drum kits, having used ToonTracks' Superior Drummer for a few years now, and am amazed at just how easily I was able to set up & tune a custom kit to be exactly what I want.  I learned how to separate all the instruments in a kit and contain them in a summing so that I could treat each instrument differently with effects, panning, volume, etc.  Problem is, whatever I do to one instrument track—snare center, for instance—applies to all instrument tracks.  I have no independent control, almost as if they're all part of a group with all parameters synced.  Seems like this defeats the purpose of being able to create separate instrument channels.


Is there a better way of doing this?


Here's the process I used:

— Create a new drum track.  Logic will populate it with beats.

— Create a new software track with Empty channel strip settings.

— Copy the channel strip settings from the first track into the new track.

— Copy/drag the region from the first clip into the new track… it will convert to midi notes.

— Right-click and select Midi > Separate by Note Pitch

— Wrap resulting tracks in a track stack.



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