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Region Auto-Zoom in Piano Roll


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Hello all - 

Brand new member, thanks for accepting me to the forum. 


I've searched the net, the manual and this forum for an answer already, so I hope I'm not bringing up an old issue.


Is there a way to have the Piano Roll view default set to show all the events in a region? i.e. I open the Piano Roll editor and can see all notes, without having to resize horizontal or vertical? This would be regardless of how long the region is or how many octaves the notes cover.


Many thanks!

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Welcome to you, musicalbox23. 


The short answer is no. Logic X shifted to a Piano Roll display where the entire track is, if not visible, then scrollable no matter the settings. This meant that the zoom of a particular region will not (by default) fill the entire window. There are certainly occasions where an overview of the whole track in Piano Roll is helpful. What is deflating is the programmer's decision to force that view on its users all the time, and one consequence is the very annoyance you describe. (Logic did what you're requesting by default for over fifteen years. I started with 2.0, and it was standard operating procedure.)


Here's the closest you can get: Set Piano Roll View > Selected Regions. Now select your region in Main. Go back to Piano Roll with the region in view. Hit "Z." The default key command will toggle in and out of a zoomed, end-to-end Region -- what you had hoped to view by default -- IF there are no notes selected in the region. If notes are selected, "Z" will toggle-zoom on those notes. 


By the way, if you set Piano Roll View > One Track, "Z" works differently. If no notes are selected, "Z" will still not zoom to the selected region. If notes are selected, it will zoom to the notes. And it can accommodate note selection / zoom across multiple regions on a track. 

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