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Setting RMS Range / Noise Floor / Peak Value

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I am about to start production on an audiobook for Audible. Among other requirements of the sound file, they specify that each audio file (chapter) must measure between -23dB and -18dB RMS and have -3 dB peak values and a maximum -60dB noise floor. My space is -55dB noise floor. How do I pre set the parameters in Logic before recording in order that I meet these requirements with each chapter of the book that I record?


My version of Logic is 10.2.4.


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your stat below is misquoted, ACX requires a MINIMUM of -60db in quietness. Their wording is perhaps misleading, but they do refer to "floor".


"a maximum -60dB noise floor"


This means your room tone, when measured by tools like Adobe Audition, or REAPER, or other tools, cannot show the file as being louder than -60db. There is nothing you can set in Logic to make your space intrinsically quieter.


In order to increase your quietness (my term) - you can add mass to the walls of your booth, thicker beefier door, more drywall, more padding, etc. 


Hope this helps any others reviewing this topic.

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