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Ghost tracks appearing in arrange window and other Logic X quirqs


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Hey guys, 


I am a  pro tools and logic guy. I love logic's interface and it's cpu friendliness. Although some thing I never got to get around the manual didn't help me completely, so if someone knows this, please help. 


1 - I have a template with a certain amount of tracks and busses. (drum bus, bass, gtrs, keys, lead vox, chorus, backing vox, instrumental bus, vocals bus, mix bus, verbs/delays, parallel stuff). In my mixer I have tracks on the left, busses on the right. If I scroll down my arrange window I have the whole thing, and then it starts over again, tracks and busses, and again... While I never created that. Is it something I did? In pro tools when you create a track/bus that's what you get, period. 


2 - How do I set the playhead to return to where it was? for example if I play from bar 5 and stop, that it returns to bar 5?


3 - Is there a way to tap tempo or figure out (read analyze) a track's tempo? 


Fader actions can't be undone and mixer channels cannot be moved from the mixer window (sometimes for editing I might want to have the bass next to the kick). That along with the ghost tracks are my biggest problem... 


Thanks in advance

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1 - It's hard to tell how those got created... however I've never seen Logic create multiple tracks for one channel strip on its own. Feel free to delete the redundant tracks, and re-save your template. 


2 - Click-Hold the Play button and choose "Play from last locate position" — however that means you'll need to locate the playhead for Logic to return to that point the next time you start playback. Also search the key commands window for "Play", you'll find many different options there. Finally, you can command-click to create a Marquee Point so that Logic always starts playback from the Marquee Point. Click the background of the Tracks area to clear the Marquee Point. 


3 - There's a tap tempo button in the "Details" tab of the template chooser (File > New From Template). 


Next time, please start one new topic for each topic you want to discuss, rather than asking multiple unrelated in the same topic: it makes for better organization and search ability. Thanks!

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