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cant recreate Output 1-2


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issues with "Output 1-2" versus "Stereo Out". No idea what I did to cause this change in my LPX setup.


Steps that create this issue:

1. "create a new empty project".

LPX dutifully displays the arrange window. But instead of the output strip saying the normal "Output 1-2" it displays something called "Stereo Out". 

Not sure what the effective difference is, except that audio recorded into the "Stereo Out" arrange window - is anything BUT. In fact its heard in only one can. 


2. import same audio file into any of my existing projects (which use only Output 1-2 as the Output channel strip), all is fine, I hear audio in both cans.


how to get LPX to display or use the "Output 1-2" channel strip?


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