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No Sound on Imported Tracks


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Hi all. Nice forum. I'm relatively new to Logic, and don't use it a lot, and am trying to learn the program now. I hope you can tell me how to solve the following problem. I've used Logic in the past and have never had this kind of trouble. Here's what's happening, and here are the scenarios.


1.  A friend gave me a Logic Pro X session file that has a bass track and a drum track on a song he is working on. I can open that and it plays fine. However, if I want to import another audio, the audio will import, the meters will move when I hit "Play", there is every indication that there is a signal, but there is no sound.


2. If I open a new, blank session, I can import a drum or other audio track or loop to an audio track, but there is no sound.


3. To make it more weird, sometimes I can import...let's say....a drum track or loop to an audio track and it will play, but I have no idea what I did differently. I can then do the exact same thing and import a bass track and it shows up in the track, the meters move, but no sound. I have no idea why one plays and one doesn't.  Sometimes neither one plays. I can't find any pattern to this, and I compare these tracks with no sound to the tracks with sound, and I can't discern any difference in the settings. However, I know there has to be something different.


Something is not set right, but I have no idea what it is. I don't know the Logic Pro lingo very well yet, so be very elemental in your suggestions and explanations while I am learning.


Thank you very much. All suggestions will be appreciated.



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I got in touch with a friend who uses Logic who showed me what to do. When I would add a track I would see the drop down menu but I didn't notice that the default on the Output was always set to 3-4 when it should be 1-2. I don't know why it's like that, but when I change it to Output 1-2 it works fine.


So, now, how can I change that so Output 1-2 will be the default? Should I just make and save my own template?


Oh, I'm using a Fosusrite 18i8. Works great!


I wasn't much of a Logic fan until recently, but I really like Pro X. I'm a Windows person but I've had so much trouble with music on a Windows that I think I may follow my friend and go strictly to Logic. Pro Tools may be King of the Hill at pro studios, but not for home studios. It just won't do everything that Logic will, especially when it comes to sequencing, working with loops, etc. Logic is just a fine program for that. The best. 


I love SONAR, but I don't get the reliability with it and a Windows machine like I do with Logic and a Mac. That combo is as rock solid and foolproof as it gets. I'm not a Mac person even through I have three that I bought over the years, so I do know a little about them. As biased as I am, even I can see how much more reliable and solid the combo of Logic Pro X and a Mac is. You can't beat it.  


Right now I'm on an older MacBook, but running LPX just fine. I'm using a 32" monitor which is nice. However, if I'm still happy with Logic over the next few months I'll consider a 27" iMac, maxed out. Along that line, are there any major changes coming to the OS or the iMacs in 2018? Seems I read there are, but I can't relocate the article to refresh my memory. Do any of you have any insight concerning major changes in 2018 that I should wait for?


Thanks for the reply and for the nice forum.


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Having the same issue but the output is set to stereo output and not giving me the option for 1 and 2

- I think I have to convert the file but idk how or to what would be best rn it’s in wav. Format

- Also my 808 is the only audio file working in my latest session this only started happening my last 2 sessions and while I producing the beat sound plays it’s only after I read open the project the files don’t want to play

(no input signal either)

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