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Controlling Region Automation with an External Controller


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I've had this problem for a long time and been through a lot of forums, even contacted apple support and still cannot get this fixed.


What I want:

To automate and control midi data using my Launch Control XL.

More specifically I want to control Modulation, Expression and Vibrato


What I've done:

I've set up my external controller using - Logic Pro X -> Control Surfaces -> Setup


What I've tried:

Using the easy view for controller assignments. This seems to not recognise when I click on the things that I want to be controlled E.G. Modulation and Expression

Expert view. I have managed to find my faders and knobs in the expert view but I either can't find the modulation/expression or it doesn't exist in this window? For instance, I'll choose control surface: HUI (which is the one the company tells you to choose for the Launch Control XL) and then I'll go to F1 (fader 1) and then I'll try to find the parameter I want controlled using the "class' area and I can't find what I want there.

Automation Quick Access doesn't seem to work for me either.


I can get my faders to work with automating volume, mute and solo. but other than that it doesn't seem to work. Am I doing something wrong? Is it actually easy to work out? or maybe my Mac has some weird issue?

Anyway I know that it's possible because there are many people Ive seen and known who automate these parameters with external controllers. I just cannot figure out how to do it using online resources, videos or even calling Apple support.


Please I really need help. This problem has plagued my composing for many months and I finally want to get it sorted out.

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Here's the extract from Novation's support page: 


To set the LaunchControl XL up as a HUI control surface in Logic, navigate to ‘Logic’ > ‘Control Surfaces’ > ‘Setup’. Select ‘New’ > ‘Install’ > select ‘Mackie Designs | HUI | HUI’ from the list and click ‘Add’.

Now, select the ‘HUI’ device in the ‘Logic’ > ‘Control surfaces’ > ‘Setup’ window and set the input and output port as ‘LaunchControl XL HUI’ as shown below:



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...More specifically I want to control Modulation, Expression and Vibrato


If you have a controller that sends that sends these midi messages and you want this midi to reach your selected track, it's important that you do NOT make assignments for it. Assignments hi-jack the midi data before it reaches your track.

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