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Possible to set up Chromatic scale up with midi incoming message? (drumpad or keyboard)


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I am looking for a particular function in Logic Pro X and I wander if you can help me out.


I want to create a chromatic scale starting with C0 using my midi keyboard or drumheads that goes up 1 semitone each time I play the keyboard/drumpad.

So every time I hit a key on my piano keyboard or drumpad I want the next midi note to go up half a step.


Example: Let's say I hit any drumpad or any key on my midi keyboard 5 times, I want the midi notes to be like this: C0 - C#0 - D0 - D#0 - E0.

Is there a way to set this up?


If there isn't a way to do this, it is possible to transpose non chromatic midi notes in a region chromatically so that the first midi note is C0, the second C#0, the third D0?


Please don't come with an answer like: "You can just play it in a chromatic scale on your midi-keyboard''  

I need this for a specific reason.


Hope you can help me.

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Hi David,  thanks for your reply


Here's the reason why:

I use chord trigger for making melodies starting with C0 and from C0 I go half a step higher to C#0 etc.


What I do now:

First I make a melody in chord trigger starting with C0 all the way up by semitones (chromatic scale)

Then I open an audio track, press record and clap the rhythm of the melody with my hands. Then I convert that audio file to a new sampler instrument (exs) and set the trigger note range to start with C0.

A chromatic-styled midi file is created with the first midi-note on C0, second midi note on C#0 etc. That midi file is going to be placed on the instrument of choice with the chord trigger active. This way I can play a melody with a complex rhythm.  


What I want to do:

Make a melody in chord trigger.

Create a midi file while playing a rhythm on a drumpad or keyboard. Transpose that midi file chromatically up starting with C0 and then place that midi file on an instrument of choice where the Chord trigger is applied on.


Hope to hear from you soon.


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