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Multi-Timbral quirkiness (part 1; automation)


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There's a lot of quirks when working with this type of track, but the most annoying is this.  I've set up the instrument (4 voices), added the (sub)instruments (in Kontakt) and routed their output to the appropriate channels.  Opened up the (3) AUX channel strips.  So far so good.  I enable automation on all 4 channel strips and AUX tracks are created for midi tracks 2, 3, 4.  I hit play, and make adjustments on all 4 channel strips.  

  • channel strip 4's automation is recorded on the aux track for midi track 4 - OK
  • channel strip 3's automation is recorded on the aux track for midi track 3 - OK
  • ditto for strip 2 - OK
  • channel strip 1's automation is recorded on MIDI TRACK 2 - NOT OK

So I go into automation mode (A).  Enable automation for ONLY track 1.  Hit play, start moving the volume fader.  nothing is recorded even though I can see the activity in the lane.  HOWEVER, if I use the volume control on the TRACK, that gets recorded.

See this video:  Automation quirk  - at the start I'm moving the channel strip for track 1, then I move the volume on the track.


Of the 7 or so quirks I found this is the most serious to me.

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