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Kontakt 5 not showing up as AU Instrument or in AU Manager


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I recently purchased an instrument sample that needs Kontakt 5 to run (it is a .nki file). So I downloaded Kontakt 5. I'm able to drag the sample into the Kontakt window, but Kontakt is not showing up in the I / O slot in Logic. I believe it should appear as an AU Instrument. When I open the Audio Units Manager, it doesn't appear. 


I've tried removing the Kontakt component from the component folder and restoring it there. 


Perhaps Kontakt is not in the correct folder in which Logic searches for AU applications? 

Or is it because I have only downloaded the demo and not the full version? Shouldn't the demo still appear and be able to be used? 



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The Standalone version will install into you Applications folder.  The AU plug-in component will install into the Components folder.  If you have the .component file in the right spot, and it sounds like you do, you should be able to launch it from within Logic, so I don't know what's happening there.
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