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Issues recording parameters from DSI Pro2 in Logic


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Hi there, 


This may be more a question for the Dave Smith Instruments forum (I've posted it there as well), but i thought i'd try here as well in case anybody has experienced similar behaviour.


So, I'm having issues recording parameters from my Dave Smith Pro 2 in Logic Pro.


At first, i was noticing that whenever i turned a knob on the Pro 2, no matter which it was, it was being registered in Logic's Midi Activity display as the same controller, number 38. 

I.E. I would turn the Filter 1 Cutoff knob, and Logic would recognise it as receiving control number 38. I'd then tweak the Filter 1 Resonance knob, and it would still recognise it as 38. This was causing all sorts of issues when recording parameter changes into Logic in real time. I also checked this in the Midi Monitor app, and got the same results.

I then found that in the Global menu on the Pro 2 i could change the MIDI Param Send and Receive modes from NRPN to CC. So i tried that, and "Eureaka", i could now record different parameters separately into Logic.

However, I've now noticed that not all parameters on the Pro 2 are registered at all in Logic. For instance, Logic doesn't recognise any incoming Midi data when turning any of the Filter 2 envelope knobs, or any of the LFO section knobs. 

So i feel like i'm "halfway" to where i want to get, which is to be able to record any of the Pro 2's knobs in real time in Logic.


Does anybody have any suggestions in what i might be doing wrong here, or is this a strange limitation of the combination of the Pro 2 and Logic?


I case it helps, I'm running Mac OS 10.12.4, with Logic 10.3.1.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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