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Editing audio with transients/Flex time


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How can I apply the editing done with transient markers/Flex Time-algorithms so that the time changes are written to a new audio file? I've tried converting region to new audio file, and I've tried exporting as audio file, however the time-editing bypasses and is not written in the new file.




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I have now tried all alternatives; 

* convert region to new audio file

* convert region to new region

* export region as audio file

* export track as audio file

* bounce region in place

* bounce track in place


The flex-time algorithms bypasses everything... 

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Bounce in Place should include all Flex edits. Try this: 

  1. Open a new empty project
  2. Drag and Apple Loop to a track.
  3. Turn Flex on for that track.
  4. Make a super obvious Flex Time edit. 
  5. Control-Click and choose bounce in place.


=> Your _bip file should contain all your Flex Edits "printed" into the new audio file. 

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