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Compresser plug ins

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U-he presswerk works incredibly well, instant favorite. However its not as transparent as Fabflter Pro C2 for example. But it can smash like hell, and it sounds amazing. Closest to "hardware nastiness" i ever tried.


To be honest, U-he Satin is also closest to hardware tape I ever tried. (but i haven't tried softube yet)


U-he in general is amazing. great plugs.

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There was a time when Slate compressor plugins would get a lot of love, yet now they're much more affordable with the monthly 'everything' bundle i see very few people giving them praise.


Is it that they're now considered a 'go to' so no-one mentions them, or is it that they're too CPU intensive?


Maybe it's just a Logic thing, and Logic users have a great selection of stock plugins and know how to use them effectively to get great results.


I have a stack of Waves plugins that i've acquired over the years, and to be honest, many of them probably better than those in Logic, yet i usually go stock as they're quick and easy to find, and i know them like the back of my hand!! :-) 

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agree with the stardust.


API2500 by waves is good. i use it for ITB drum buss compression.

CLA waves is good for vocals ( actually sounds pretty close to a blue stripe)  and yes i used a real one every day for 12 years or so.


i also use the Fairchild 670 on the stereo out bus when doing ITB dubs.


also for ITB dubs I've been tinkering with Vitamin which is a bit like a substitute for my  SPL vitaliser mk2 tube.


at the end of the loop the PRO L LIMITER does a good job. just don't hit it too hard.


hope this helps. Buddha

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