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Weekend Vacation From Logic X / Why I Love LPX


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I recently moved into a new studio with another engineer, and this past weekend was my first for tracking at the new space. Mix room A accommodates more people and channels, so I opted for it.


However, the system is a 2006 Mac running on Snow Leopard with Pro Tools 8 and Logic 9. The whole system really revolves around Pro Tools, so I buckled and used PT.


Halfway through one of the two weekend projects, I exported my audio files and moved over to Logic 9.


The experience reminded me how far Logic X has come from 9. and how wonderfully it functions compared to the competition! It's worth mentioning that I'm barely functional in Pro Tools, so it's not Avid's fault that I don't know their program. Nonetheless, I love Logic X.


Some things I missed on my vacation from X:


Quick Swipe Comping

The whole playlist way of managing takes feels convoluted and clunky. Thank goodness Logic 9 has this. I'd much rather open a take and just quickly swipe the regions. Fast and easy.


Overlapping Regions Both Transparent While Moving One of the Regions

It's wonderful to be able to drag one region over another, and still be able to see the transient content of both as they overlap. Both tracking sessions didn't use a click/metronome. So I need to line up drum transients for a consistent feel.


Pro Tools didn't appear to do this, and I was left to guess. For example, I need to line up a kick hit of a new take to a kick hit of a previous take. But I couldn't see the first take kick hit as the regions overlapped. So... I guessed the best I could.


Shift and Command Clicking Multiple Channels

Pro Tools does have this, but in Logic 9 it's agonizing not being able to shift click a group of channels! Instead, shift-clicking one channel at a time...


Control-Option Zoom

Other DAWs always feel claustrophobic to me because of the way they manage zooming. Logic's magnifying glass tool makes zooming in and out a breeze. It feels unhampered by the grid.


Accurate Waveform View At Full Zoom

Holy crap...I forgot how bad this was in Logic 9! Thank goodness we don't have to manage through blocky waveforms when trying to make small adjustments anymore.



All in all, happy to expand my comfort level in Pro Tools, and it was interesting to go back to LP9. But I wouldn't trade LPX for anything!

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because why use destructive editing when everything can be done without making permanent changes?

When dealing with digital click and pops on an audio file that were created from low-quality audio interfaces, you have to use the sample editor to paint them out.

Also, changing the gain on a file with the SE is quick and visually a good reference instead of automation.

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I use the change gain function in LPX all the times.  Has completely changed my work flow with audio.  I use it almost like automation.  Clip a section, even tiny, and change the gain.  Is that different from PT?

I also miss the Audio factory that was in LP9.  Also, certain flexibility and smoothness of movement around the program.  Also, I find Apple loops act strange in LPX or maybe it's later Mac OS version.  

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