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No sound coming out


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First of all, I'm brand new to Logic Pro and music production. If this question is answered somewhere else in the forum, please do point me in the right direction.



MBP w. touchbar OS 10.12.5

Logic Pro X 10.3.1

Scarlett 6i6

Akai MPK25


Two issues (similar results)

1. When I open a digital instrument (say Iris 2) and I play keys I can see that a signal is coming in as the UI responds, but I don't hear any sound

2. If I record into a MIDI track (again with Iris 2) I can see the MIDI notes (on the region and piano roll) but when I play back there's total silence and the volume fader shows no signal


This seems to happen on/off. I tried uninstalling and re-installing Logic and rebooting my machine.


I'm completely lost and I'm sure it's probably something quite basic and obvious that I'm missing.


Thanks for the help

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Do you hear any sound? From the OS, or iTunes? First make sure your hardware is setup properly ;)


Do you have a signal on the master fader?

What output do you use?

Does that happen as well with Logic instruments, e.g. ES2?

Are all faders up?

Does that happen, when you start a new empty project then add an instrument?

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skijumptoes, no the mbp is not coming/going into sleep mode. and YES seems to be on/off/random


stardustmedia YES I do have sound from iTunes, Spotify and other LPX instruments. For the instruments that I can record and play back I do have signal on the master fader.


What do you mean by 'output'? How sound comes out of my laptop? If so, I have the laptop connected, via USB to my Scarlett 6i6 sound card. 


Yes all faders are open.


It happens whether I have a new project or an excisting one.

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JakobP, just got word from iZotope that Iris 2 is fully compatible with Mac OS Sierra! :) so I purchased!


As far as the no sound issue, haven't been able to reproduce it today. What I changed: I was connecting my keyboard via a USB-hub and from there to the sound card and the laptop. I'm now connecting directly from the keyboard to the laptop. we'll see if the problem returns

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What would happen if I go through a USB-hub? In the case of multiple USB-based keyboards and lacking enough USB inputs on the computer, wouldn't a hub be useful?

It may or may not work, depending on the keyboard and the hub. Some hubs such as passive hubs for example won't have enough power the keyboard (and some keyboards require more power than others). 

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It can't be your midi keyboard which is struggling as you pointed out that Iris was responding to the keys.


Is your audio interface on the USB hub by any chance?  It's possible that by removing the midi keyboard that you've freed enough power for the audio interface to run without issues now.


If i had to pick midi keyboard or audio interface to go directly into the Mac, i would put the Audio interface direct, personally.


Or in a more ideal world run with a decent USB 3 powered hub, always a good investment.

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yes I think that may have been the problem. the USB hub is NOT powered. Now I have both the audio interface and keyboard both directly connected to the laptop. 


Just need to buy more USB to USB-C adapters courtesy of Apple! :(

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