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Green dot on track header


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Sometimes this circle pops up at the right end of the track header that shows a green light when sound is played from the track. I can't find where to show/hide it. How can I disable this? Can't find it in either configure track header or customize control bar...




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I think that this mimics an indicator that is found on mixing boards to indicate that signal is coming through on that track.


Also, if you drag the bottom border of a track to make it taller, the controls on the left hand side will rearrange themselves.  It might be more clear what this doohickey is, if there's more space to draw it.

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The green dot is essential for clean up when you are disorganized and have recorded too many things or change the time matrix so Measure 45 is now middle of chorus rather than beginning.


When I overuse Solo (say 5 out of 30 tracks) then try to clean up arrangement(mute the 25 out of 30) so I am using Mute instead, I often hear utterly discordant parts left behind and don't know what track they're on.


Today I was doing that and couldn't figure out where the green dot had gone until seeing this thread. "decrease track height until greed dot detector appears' Big thanks. For future a thin meter might even be better.

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