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Raise volume of track


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First thing first is to ensure that your recording level is decent, i.e. check meters and raise/lower the gain on your audio interface to get that set without clipping (Going in the red) - This is presuming you're going through an audio interface/pre-amp of some kind?


Then, Rather than raising the track volume (It may not be enough if your input is low), you may need to look into post processing (Audio FX plugins on the track), For vocals there's 3 critical effects you would be interested in, these are:


Compressors - these allow you to compress a vocal so that it has less dynamic range (i.e. the quiet and loud parts are less different in terms of volume), and then you can raise that overall level to make the vocal sound louder as a whole.


EQ'ing - This allows you to shape the sound and drop out any nastiness (i.e. low frequencies), you want to get rid of any nastiness early as possible so you're not raising unwanted frequencies - and this helps sit a vocal in the mix of a song.


Limiters - Similar to a compressor, except you set the max threshold (i.e. loudest) that the vocal can go, basically to keep things in control, you use this as a safety margin really.


I would say a good start is to load up a compressor (In the Audio FX slot of the vocal track) and scroll through some of the vocal presets, you can then adjust the gain on the compressor to see how that works.  There are also 'ready to go' channel strip presets built in Logic that load up a multitude of Audio FX in a chain for you, which includes compressor/EQ etc. based on the selection (i.e. dance vocal, rock vocal etc) and usually a nice reverb for your vocals too - these are great for learning popular methods for particularly types of tracks.


If you want help on how to do any of that please reply back, as you say you're a beginner, you will need a basic understanding of Logic, it's channel strip architecture and plugin structures.  So read what you can on that, David's (above) book "Apple Pro Training Series: Logic Pro X" contains some invaluable advice and lessons if you're serious about learning Logic.


But i'll repeat what i original said, First step is always to get recording level right at source however, so make sure you're ticking that box to get into a good habit, then move on to compressors/eq/limiters etc.  If you're starting a project and your mixer levels are hard up then you're soon going to run out of headroom.

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