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Installing/Automapping an Akai Advance 49 in Logic Pro X (10.3.1)


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Hello Everyone, I could really do with some help and advice! I've just bought an Akai Advance 49 Keyboard, the latest in a series of trials and errors, trying to find a suitable MIDI Controller to handle my Spitfire Audio Symphony Orchestra. I have a Roland A33 (beauty to play) which only has one 'data fader', and I need about 4 or even 5 to cover all the articulations available in the Spitfire. Does anyone out there have maybe a ready-made automapping for the Akai Advance 49 for Logic Pro X (am running Logic Pro X 10.3.1)? Failing that, could they help me install it 'working around' Akai's VIP software, as that just seems to turn the knobs into on-off switches! And if anyone's done a complete Spitfire Audio Symphony Orchestra mapping for the Akai, I'd be more than wiling to pay for a copy! Many thanks. Classicalbanksy
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